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Where are these pictures about?

Not so much about me, the more about the things I see.

Most are pictures are made in nature, as it is what I love most.

Paths from animals in the sand,

the movement of the ocean,

the sun that sets...


Let the Flying Fox take you to worlds most beautiful place called;


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P8301536 (2).JPG

I was constantly overwhelmed by the photogenetic Ireland. They have rough waters and endsless highlands. And it wasn't even that rainy!

P6270864 (2).JPG

At the Greek island Lesvos, many refugees have been arriving for the last three years. 

I was here to volunteer and made some pictures

P7240071 klein.jpg

On my way from Holland to Portugal, I passed by many other gorgeous countries like Switserland, Italy and Spain.

P8050421 klein.jpg

The magical summer of 2017:

Sand, Sea and Sand seen from a yellow Volkswagen.

Check out the beautiful land of Portugal!

PA241865 (2).JPG

That's something different for me: seeing my home country as a pretty one. 

If I can do it, you can do it!

Southeast Asia



It's not all party and tourism:

have a look at the beautiful side of Thailand!

Unfortunately the connection with the locals wasn't there for me, but even more the connection with their beautiful landscapes


With beaches of all kind, there was enough stunning to shoot!

Beautiful people with big smiles and undiscovered landscapes.
See what I have found for you in Myanmar...

So much history in one country: from the recent Khmer to the ancient Angkor captured in pictures

Vietnam is a great country to bring your camera to: it has beaches, mountains and people that smile from their heart ♥




The end of 2019 I visited the gorgeous Namibia. It's very spread out, wild and quiet: just the way I like it the most. Check out what caught my eye!


What a special time: a week full of love, happiness and freedom in the desert of South Africa. Get yourself involved and scroll trough the pics!

P4130629 (2).JPG

In March 2019, I headed into a new adventure: I moved to Cape town for at least 3 months.
Follow me and discover life 
here together!

IMG_3278 (2).JPG

An amazing country in Africa. Landlocked and dry, but with beautiful people, a lot of wildlife.

Let's go safari!



To me, worlds most amazing country because of it's extreme climate, nature and animals.

Have a look at my places of treasure



P3230276 (2).JPG

"Keep your face always

towards the sunshine,

and shadows will fall behind you"

"Find beauty in the small

things in life"

P8050421 (2).JPG

"The ocean is everything

what I want to be: 

Beautiful, mysterious.

wild and free.

"Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things"

"I would rather own a little and

see the world,

than own the earth and

see a little"

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within"


Other / Art

P5140556 (2).JPG

Paint on wood, captured in a little harbor of Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece

P6291087 (2).JPG

Art made with tiny plants, made by two brothers in Cape Town.


Structures and pattern that repeats, shot in different places around the world




In the 4 years of traveling, 

I made many special photos.

Here the collection and a chance to purchase my best photographs.

Join the journey & stay up to date ♥

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