South Western Australia

The south of Western Australia is a paradise for big beach lovers that can also really appriciate a good surf, friendly locals, winerys and wild tracks. Ah, and sharks. Oops, shouldnt I have said that?





















Ah well, a trip without adventures isn't a nice one anyway, it is? No joking, I am surely happy I've never seen a shark around. But they are around. Actually, the day after I was at this beach at the picture above, I heard there was a white shark signaled there the morning before. Sweet.


But now STOP thinking "I'm not going there, all these sharks and spiders and snakes that kill might kill me, I'm out!". The change that you will crash in a car accident is still bigger than getting attacked by one of these animals. But yeah, the change of getting in touch with these animals is bigger than in, let's say, Germany. But again, isn't discovering and exploring one is the things you go out traveling for? I see it like tornado's: they can appear in several places in countries like America, and is that a reason for you not to go? Also, I always have wanted to see one but guess I wouldn't be that exited when it would get to close. Okay, back to the south of Australia.








The beauty around Denmark

Most awesome I've seen so far in my life:
Thorny Devil

The blowholes at Quobba Station

Good times: camping times

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