A personalized Meditation

How amazing you're considering asking me to create you a personalized meditation. This means you care about your mental health and you know that meditation can benefit you amazingly, and even let you create the world you with. Lets go!

You can ask me to create a meditation for yourself, but also to gift

someone that can use that loving push into the right direction.


There are many different meditations, here two I like to explain:

You could meditate "on" a specific wish or obstacle in your life,

like finding the love of your life, a better place to live or to feel

more confident. You could get here through visualization and 



You can also raise your frequency/energy to that you want to 

attract through mantras. I believe that one in your own language
will always work better than one in Sanskrit (who really knows

what Om Namah Shivaya means?). I could create and record a 

mantra meditation, like "I am worthy to be loved. I love myself 

and people around me love me". 

Price wise there are also a view options:

Please send me a message when you have a question or request for a personalized meditation and I will do my top best to create, together with you, the most beautiful meditation.


Love and light ☼

The Flying Fox


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