North Western Australia


When you love the desert, the ocean, bright skies with very many stars and friendly locals, I'm sure you'll love this beautiful part of the world. Read here about my highlights!



















I can say I've really seen a lot from the area between Perth and Darwin, especially coastline between Perth and Exmouth. It's absolutely stunning.


First of all, I worked for about 3 months 'near' Exmouth: in a marble mine as a cook. This was still about 4 hours driving, 3 hours on a paved road and the rest on a dirt road. I loved it, the outback. The still- and peacefulness, only having dry plants, some grasshoppers, the sun and the moon and some grumpy colleagues... I really enjoyed my time here. But, I didn't see much from the area yet. The exploring started when I bought a 4x4 Pajero and my dearest sister and I traveled from Perth to Darwin in 2016. This was about 4000 kilometers in 3 weeks and I tell you, that's not a lot of time for all the places people recommended me. Even though I think I would never have enough time here... I started loving the country more from day to day.




















And after this I went on a camp trip with a friend and explored the coastline between Perth and Exmouth even more and again...

I was blown away by the beauty of it. The most special reptile (Thorny Devil), the blowholes at Quobba Station and the beautiful fishes and coral near Exmouth where the most special things to me.




















So this is the way I discovered the northwest of Australia. Now it's time to do it yourself! Have a look at this map I made especially for all the lucky bastards that will head the same way.



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Wild coastline near Kalbarri

Our dear Pajero that took us to the wildest places

The blowholes at Quobba Station

Most awesome I've seen so far in my life:
Thorny Devil

Good times: camping times


Ofcourse, I still got heaps of pictures to show you! The pictures are in the order from Perth to Darwin ↠


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