Happiness Guidance

Happiness is the goal for us all, but we also find battles in life that make it hard to 'be happy'. As we are human beings, I believe that the start is:

"Believing you're already there".

But often, feeling happy this is easier said than done. Since Jan' 2021, I offer 1 on 1 online sessions [in English and Dutch] on how to feel happier in life and to find your flow. I believe I'm able to assist you with this, with not only bachelor of Social Work in my pocket, but more so, because of life experience.


In my last six years of traveling, I have experienced many different cultures in which I had to find my own new way to happiness. Besides this, I've done much self-growth with the support of many different meditation techniques, spiritual teachers and philosophies.


You do have any questions or are you interested in an online session together?
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The offer for this first month is €21 per hour, counting per minute with no minimum time.

Much love,

Anouk - Flying Fox

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