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Yes, the Flying Fox likes it to do it her way. Finding beautiful fabrics in a foreign country makes me want to sew good quality yoga mat bags,

bumping into cute charms and crystals makes me want to make jewellery!
Not busy enough? Let's get myself into henna tattoos!

Find your favourite present in the shop for yourself or your loved ones ♥♥♥

Every piece is handmade and therefore unique, gathered from different parts of the world, so 100% travel-proof.

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Happy wandering ☼

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Here you will find an arty gallery of bohemian nomadic style handmade jewellery: from rocking crystal to cute charms!


Different places, different fabrics. Out of pretty onces found in Portugal and Uganda,

I made handy yoga mat bags.

happy me.jpg

Here you will find different tattoo designs I made...

Lot's of dreamcatchers, flowers and leaves: yay!



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Have a sneak in what's going on backstage: 
How do I make my jewellery, how do I store it and where do I sell it?


I find it really cool you clicked so far to really get in to it and want to know how

the products are made and how I work on it!


To start with, most of my material I keep in my campervan. Here I have all little cigar boxes and every time I find or buy something, I am happy to able to put it in one of my boxes.
Here you can find feathers, stones, shells, thread in many different colors, charms and what not.


When I lived in this campervan I made my jewelry in here.


To make the yoga mat I obviously needed a sewing machine and

so I made these ones at my mom's place.


Check out the pictures to see what I'm up to ➳

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