Yoga teacher 
Renata Harper

Renata is a yoga teacher who likes to combine peace from within with peace from outside:
soon she will start teaching yoga in wildlife. For this, she liked to have some beautiful photographs of her in nature that she can use for her website and social media.   March '20

Henna Artist

I met Txarani twice at spiritual festivals. She makes amazing hand poked tattoos and henna designs. At the last festival, I photographed her and her work. 

March '20

Painter Merle

Merle is as colorful as her paintings. Even though she is painting since her young years, she and neither her art has ever been photographed! Check out her whole collection @                                                                                      - December ' 19

Travel Agent

A travel agency, located in Cape Town, with a heart for local tourism. It was an honor to capture their trough laughs on an early summer day.

November '19

De Watertuin

This beautiful restaurant at one of Holland's most popular lakes, Loosdrecht, asked me to take photos from their great place and their delicious local seasonal dishes.

October '19

Beach Club

De Branding

Delicious food with colors like these deserved to be photographed. Shot from different angles and used on their FB page to spread their new summer menu.

August '19

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