Who is the Flying Fox?

It's me: Anouk Vos!

Vos means Fox in Dutch so guess where I am from: the Netherlands :) 

I am 27 summers young and started to fly around the world in 2015,

when I took a one-way ticket to Thailand. 

Me, and I think no one around me, would have ever thought I would stay away for this long. I actually never came back for long and start seeing the whole world as my home. 


Day by day, country by country, I became a different,

more happy, grateful and sharing me.


I discovered many things about myself, like having the biggest crush on sunsets and freedom and how much I love to be quirky, adventurous and creative and that life as a nomad fits me perfectly.

I like to create, like jewelry and henna tattoos, but also to capture great shots of landscapes and insects.

All of this you will find back at this website.


I hope you enjoy what you will find here!

And in case of questions or requests, please head to Contact.


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Keep smiling!


 ♥ Anouk ♥

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